Roche Angling Club
Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Roche Angling Club. Please find enclosed a list of bye-laws for the 2015 season. These rules have been drawn up for a number of reasons; to protect the welfare of our fish and the natural environment and to ensure that all anglers can practice their sport in a safe and enjoyable way. Whilst RAC strives to ensure all of its members can enjoy their fishing with few restrictions we also have a duty of care to our environment, our landlords, our quarry and each other. For this reason we have a number of bye-laws which we ask you to abide by. Failure to do so may mean suspension or expulsion from the club.

Please be aware that sometimes these bye-laws can change at a committee meeting. If any changes are made, all members will be made aware of the alteration within 28 days. We welcome honest and open debate on all our bye-laws so feel free to e-mail the club or express your views on our web-based forum. We do listen to people’s views!

RAC is a member of the Angling Trust and one of its original partner organisations, ‘The Specialist Anglers Alliance’, produced a ‘Code of Conduct’ for coarse anglers. Please make yourself acquainted with its contents. You can download a copy from the club’s website. The guide gives practical advice on a range of issues from handling pike to constructing safe rigs for carp angling. However, if you have a concern or need advice on any issue pertaining to angling please feel free to e-mail the committee or alternatively seek the advice of any of our club members on the bank or through the forum at I am sure someone will be able to help you.

RAC committee would like to encourage all of its members to use common sense when fishing our waters and show fellow anglers, our environment and our quarry the respect that they deserve.

General Rules:

* These byelaws are currently relaxed for a trial period.

1. Members on joining must abide by these Rules and in particular with respect to any damage caused or suffered while fishing Club Waters or at any other Club Meeting and agree to indemnify the Committee and Members against all claims for

damage caused and that neither the Committee nor the Members nor Riparian

Owners shall be held responsible for any damage suffered.

  1. The Club will not be responsible for any accident or loss of property that may occur to

    any angler using the Clubs Waters.

  2. Upon issuing of membership application forms to prospective members, a copy of the

    Club’s constitution shall be issued.

  3. That on no account may persons on Club Waters be allowed to carry Firearms or

    Air Guns of any description. Anyone failing to comply with this rule will be

    permanently dismissed from the Club.

  4. A maximum of three rods are allowed to be used. Please remember that a National

    E.A. Rod Licence must be obtained before fishing Club Waters, and should be

    carried at all times (you will need two licences if you wish to use three rods).

  5. No Member shall catch fish by any other means than rod and line.

  6. All fish to be returned alive to the water.

  7. No fish should be taken away alive or dead without the express permission of the

    committee. To do so may give rise to a civil prosecution or criminal prosecution under

    Schedule 1 section 2 of the Theft Act.

  8. Fish deaths must be reported to the fisheries officer.

  9. That Members, when fishing, must upon request, produce their Membership

    Identification to any Club Member/Bailiff.

11. No unauthorised person shall take from or introduce any fish to Club Waters.
*. Members must not take dogs with them on any of the Clubs Waters.
13. Members must keep to paths to get to and from Club Waters.
14. All gates must be shut, locked and securely fastened after being opened.
15. No swimming in Club Waters is allowed
16. No boats of any kind or size are permitted on Club Waters other than that for organised

working parties. A committee member must be in attendance at all times when the boat

is being used. All Members of the boat crew must wear a life jacket.
17. Mobile telephone ringing tone volumes should be kept to minimum and ideally

turned on to vibrate.
18. Any person fishing in an area containing litter shall be held responsible for the same

and will be liable to suspension pending a decision by the Executive Committee. 19. The use of stainless steel and nickel hooks are prohibited on Club Waters. All

hooks larger than a size 12 must be either barbless or have a crushed barb.
20. Permanently fixed leads are forbidden on all waters. Please ask a fellow member if you

are unsure how to construct a safe rig.
21. Peanuts are prohibited from use in Club Waters.
22. All members must have an unhooking mat with them at all times when fishing Club

23. New Full Members are on a 12 month probation and are expected to attend 2 work

parties or club membership renewal may not be accepted
24. The SA.A. Code of Conduct must be applied on Club Waters
25. Members must not leave any unattended tackle etc in any swim for more than

11/2 hours. All hook baits must be removed from hooks when not fishing in order to

protect wildlife.
26. No fishing from any area which is marked as Out of Bounds.
27. The Club requires all members to show consideration for other lake users.
28. The use of Boga Grips or any other fish grip devices (hand held or not) are banned

on Roche AC waters.
29. All bream caught from Wheal Rashleigh are to be moved into Waldon until further


30. With effect from 1st January 2014, members that report their catches to the press are asked not to disclose the location of the lake in question and instead state that the fish was caught from a ‘South West Stillwater’.


31. When parking cars Members must ensure that they cause no obstruction to other members nor park on the County Highway.

32. All Members must display their Club car window sticker in a prominent position on their vehicles.

33. Members are asked to drive carefully and slowly around club waters maintaining awareness of fellow anglers and members of the public where access is allowed.

Night Fishing:

34. Night fishing is allowed on all club waters however special Night Permits are required for Bilberry and Treskilling pit.

35. Members with 12 months continuous membership may apply for a special Night Permit, application being subject to Committee approval and the attendance at, at least, 2 work parties.

36. All non Night Permit holders must vacate the Water during the period 1 hr after sunset, and 1 hr before sunrise (Bilberry and Treskilling only).

37. No fires to be lit.
*. No night fishing in the Back Bay at Treskilling.

Trophies / Competitions:

39. All Club trophies must be handed back to the Section Secretary not later than the end of the year.

40. The committee reserve the right to test any members set of scales that has been used to weigh a fish entered for a club Trophy. All claims for Club trophies must be
logged with the committee within 14 days of capture.

41. All sea competitions must be fished in accordance with current Affiliated Association and Club rules.

42. All freshwater competitions on Club Waters must be fished in accordance with current Club rules.

43. All persons representing the Club in any competitions must be fully paid-up Members.

44. On competition days the relevant lake will be closed for the period 1 hour before the draw, for the duration of the competition.

45. Carp under 2lb are only permitted to be retained in ‘carp friendly’ keepnets during club organised competitions. Carp over 2lb in weight must be returned, after

Trophies are awarded on the basis of the membership year.

Guest / Junior Membership

47. Guest Members may only be on the lake during the period 1 hr before sunrise and 1 hr after sunset.

48. The Guest Member may only fish with, or in adjacent swims to, a full member. 49. The Club Member is responsible for the Guest Member.

50. The Guest Member must have a valid Guest Ticket on their person as this is proof of Membership for the day.

  1. The Club Member will be held responsible for any infringement of Club Rules or behaviour that the Committee deems to be unacceptable by the guest member.

  2. Any member who has a Guest accompanying them that does not have a valid Guest Ticket will be brought before the Committee and dealt with accordingly.

  3. A Junior Member below the age of 14 years must be accompanied by a fee-paying Member over the age of 18 years when fishing Club Waters during daylight hours.

54. No Junior under the age of 12 is entitled to fish at night on any Club water, but may accompany the night permit holder, providing that he/she accepts, and confirms, responsibility in writing to the committee.

55. Junior Members aged 12 - 14 may not fish Club Waters during the hours of darkness unless accompanied by their parent or guardian, who must also be a Member. At Wheal Rashleigh and Treskilling both must have a Night Permit.

56. Juniors over the age of 14 years may only fish Club Waters during the hours of darkness (one hour after sunset to one hour before dawn) subject to the following conditions: They hold a night permit (Wheal Rashleigh and Treskilling only). They are accompanied by and always remain with a Member (fishing together, or in an adjacent swim) over the age of 18 years, (who is also a night permit holder Wheal Rashleigh and Treskilling only). A parent or guardian has given permission in writing to the Club, allowing that Junior for whom they are responsible, to fish at night.

Additional Rules applicable to Carp Anglers:

  1. Care of our fish is paramount: please ensure that you can safely land fish from the swim you have chosen.

  2. A minimum of a 36inch landing net must be used.

  3. A good-sized unhooking mat is compulsory.

  4. Peanuts are prohibited from use in Club Waters and only properly prepared

    tiger nuts are allowed to be used. If unsure of correct preparation, please refer

    to club website.

  5. No carp are to be retained in keep-nets.

  6. A minimum of 12lb breaking strain main-line to be used.

  7. Carp/Pikemustbeweighedandreturnedtothewaterassoonaspossible. 60.

    Carp sacks only to be used between dusk and one hour after dawn and for

    photographic purposes only.

  8. No rods to be left unattended whilst in the water.

  9. No casting into areas that are likely to affect or interfere with other anglers.

    You may only fish one swim at a time.

10. No more than three rods may be used at any one time.
11. Please be considerate when using buzzers / alarms; please turn the sound

down as noise travels and disturbs other anglers.

Additional Rules applicable to Pike Anglers:

1. You must be equipped with an unhooking mat, minimum 10 inch forceps landing net.

2. Barbless or semi barbless hooks only.
3. Minimum line strength 15lbs.
4. Wire traces minimum 18 inches long.
5. No live bait to be brought onto any club lake water whatsoever. 6. You may only fish one swim at a time.

and a large

7. Return all fish.
8. Care of fish is paramount: Pike are fragile, maximum care must be taken.
9. Bait fishing for pike is prohibited on any club water between 1
st April and 30th September

(inclusive) unless at an official Pike open day.